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ID Name System(s) Disks Game Chipset Region Version Publisher
1005'Allo 'Allo! Cartoon Fun!Amiga2[uk]OCSEURetail
1213'Allo 'Allo! Cartoon Fun!Amiga2[uk]OCSEURetail: alt1
0249'Nam 1965-1975Amiga2[uk]OCSEURetail
293510 out of 10: Early EssentialsAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail
293710 out of 10: Essential ScienceAmiga2[uk]OCSEURetail
293610 out of 10: Maths NumberAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail
326610th Frame - Pro Bowling SimulatorAtari ST1[uk]EURetail
448910th Frame - Pro Bowling SimulatorCommodore 641[uk]EURetailU.S. Gold
581810th Frame - Pro Bowling SimulatorCommodore 641[uk]USRetailAccess Software
559111-A-Side Soccer
Indoor Soccer
Soccer Skills
Street Soccer
Commodore 641[uk]EUCompilation: 4 Soccer SimulatorsCodemasters
60911541 Backup
Sooper Froot
Stellar Wars
The Quest
Commodore 641[uk]EUCompilation: 6 Games ProgramsCBM
On Cue
Commodore 641[de]DECompilation: Die 3er Reihe 5Virgin Games
04171869 - Erlebte Geschichte Teil IAmiga3[de]OCSEURetail
613319 Part One: Boot CampCommodore 641[uk]EURetailCascade Games
42871942Commodore 641[uk]USRetailCapcom
42661942Commodore 641[uk]USRetailCapcom
61321942Commodore 641[uk]EURetailElite Systems
54281943 - The Battle of MidwayCommodore 641[uk]EURetailGo!
42891943 - The Battle of MidwayCommodore 641[uk]USRetailCapcom
42881943 - The Battle of MidwayCommodore 641[uk]USRetailCapcom
42291984 Preview DiskCommodore 641[uk]USPromoEpyx
37851985 - The Day AfterCommodore 641[uk]USRetailMastertronic
18001st Division ManagerAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail
4165221 B Baker St.Commodore 641[uk]USRetailDatasoft
17653D Construction KitAmiga1[uk][de][fr][it]OCSEURetail: r01.1000
39053D Construction KitCommodore 641[uk]EURetailIncentive Software
25083D Construction Kit 2Amiga2[uk]OCSEURetail: r2.01
10853D GalaxAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail: Action
34563D Grand PrixAmstrad CPC1[uk]EURetail
06213D PoolAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail
34543D Pool - Maltese Joe's Pool ChallengeAmstrad CPC1[uk]EURetail
39923D Pool
Commodore 641[uk]EURetail: 3D PoolFirebird
22233D World BoxingAmiga1[uk][de][fr][it]OCSEURetail: Amiga Sports Pack
22243D World TennisAmiga1[uk][de][fr][it]OCSEURetail: Amiga Sports Pack
04214D Sports BoxingAmiga2[uk]OCSEURetail
14614D Sports DrivingAmiga2[uk]OCSEURetail: v1.2 10.1.1992
48164th & InchesCommodore 641[uk]EURetailU.S. Gold
42754th & InchesCommodore 641[uk]USRetailAccolade
42624th & InchesCommodore 641[uk]USRetailAccolade
58384th & InchesCommodore 641[uk]USRetailAccolade
40924th & Inches Team Construction DiskCommodore 641[uk]USRetail: AOAccolade
12304th and InchesAmiga1[uk]OCSEURetail
14804x4 Off-Road RacingAmiga1[uk]OCSUSRetail
34574x4 Off-Road RacingAmstrad CPC1[uk]EURetail
51994x4 Off-Road RacingCommodore 641[uk]EURetailU.S. Gold
279650 Great GamesAmiga3[uk]OCSEURetail
551350 Mission CrushCommodore 641[uk]USRetail: v1.0SSI
2670500 cc MotoManagerAmiga1[uk][it]OCSEURetail: v1.0
3271500cc Grand PrixAtari ST1[uk]EURetail

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