Professional Services

We are experts, we offer a fast service, and your money can help fund our preservation efforts. With more than 3000 games archived, and more than 10000 disks ingested in total, we have a lot of experience in the field of digital preservation. We are confident that when it comes to getting data off a floppy disk and into an archival format, there are very few, if any, with the same level of expertise. Here is a brief list of the services we offer:

  • Consulting & Coaching: You need information on how disk technology works? We have unparalleled field experience in data recovery, copy protection and replication. Our experts will be pleased to help you online or on-site, as you wish.
  • Data Recovery: You have important or sensitive data requiring forensic-level extraction? We have developed hardware and diagnostic tools to examine and transfer data that contain modification detection capabilities, suitable for evidence gathering.
  • Data Verification: You want to make sure that the important data stored on your master disks is still valid? We can not only determine data health and alteration sites, we can also provide you with a fresh set of disks for additional data security.
  • Data Ingestion: You have large quantities of data stored on legacy disk formats for which your equipment has failed or is failing? We can ingest large volumes of source media and transfer the original data at forensic-level resolution to modern media, like hard disk, BD ROM or memory stick.
  • Image Generation: You want your data stored in multiple common formats for increased data accessibility? We can transfer disk data to many well known images types (e.g. .ADF, .IMG, .D64) for usage in emulators. For advanced security and data consistency we recommend additional storage as IPFs, which cannot be modified.
  • Preservation: You want us to keep the data transferred on file? We normally destroy copies of customer data as soon as a project is finished, but we can optionally store your data securely and encrypted. It is easy to lose data, we provide peace of mind and easy access to your backups.
  • Bespoke Solutions: We can provide a wide variety of custom solutions in the area of digital preservation. Please contact us for a quote, providing as much detail as possible.

Like what you hear? Pleased to know that our service provision co-finances our cultural digital preservation activities? Then please get in touch for further information.