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If you are interested in contributing, please do not hesitate! Every contribution is precious, the one game you have, might just be the one not preserved. For more in depth information about what we do, please see About Us, Professional Services and consult the Knowledge Base.


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Ticketing System

To contact us directly, you will need to use our ticketing system.

If you are having trouble using the ticket system for some reason, please tell us what you did, and what happened, including any output. We will then try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Important: If you submit a message, and do not get an email confirmation after a few minutes, it probably means you typed your email incorrectly. Please submit your message again, because we will not see your message until you activate it.

Please do not send requests asking if we accept files in ADF, FDI or similar formats, as we do not. Please see Here for further details.

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