KryoFlux - Preliminary Decoder (2)


Re-organized the host source, abstracted functionality better.

Implemented preliminary flux reversal to bitcell decoder.

We then implemented code to export data to the RAW format, which is read by CTA (SPS Disk Image Analyser), as it’s the easiest way to see if the decoded data is fully correct, that is, it produces the exact same data as if it was dumped on the Amiga using CT (SPS Disk Imager). We can then compare existing dumps with KryoFlux ones. This is just an interim solution until DRAFT gets added to both CTA and DTC (KryoFlux host software).

Right now, two games have been tested that have been dumped both on the Amiga, and with KryoFlux. These have now been found to be bit identical after analysation through CTA and compared as IPF images. One of them is Bravo Romeo Delta that is standard ADOS, the other is Chronicles of Omega, which is shown below with the now familar Copylock graph.

First KryoFlux dump in CTA!

This is the first time we have a KryoFlux dump loaded and verified in the analyser!

And there was much celebration...