Work-In-Progress Reports for January 2005

28 January 2005

IPF Library: Optimisations: Density Map Optimized the density map code a bit. The density map allocated by the :glossary:IPF Library is now one unit larger than the size needed, which eliminates a check for boundary overflow every 8 bits. Not a massive optimisation, but it helps. Iterating Cycles We could not find out how to iterate the next cycle without using floating point arithmetic or losing our cycle exact precision. (more)

27 January 2005

Hardware-FDC Variable Density Tracks: Implemented fraction-based timing to support density changes in the FDC emulator. Added a new library lock flag for creating density maps as fractions. This saves on conversion from the original density map format as well as making it possible to let density map buffers be managed by the library. No image format conversion is needed. (more)

17 January 2005

Amiga: Panza Kick Boxing: We fixed the missing data on the UK version, with what we know to be correct. Quite simply, the UK release is broken. We are still looking for versions of this game sold outside the UK however.

12 January 2005

Analyser: New Amiga Format: Split track format on Carcharodon/White Sharks now supported.

4 January 2005

WDC1772 FDC Emulator: Drive Selection: Now it is possible to have drives supported but "turned off" for emulation. The host emulator is no longer required to pass a valid drive selection to the FDC emulator. If the drive selection is invalid, like if the drive is turned off or disconnected - the drive signals are automatically disabled by the FDC emulator. (more)

1 January 2005

Analyser: Generic Hardware-MFM Noise Processing: We have now added an additional feature to the analyser for generic hardware MFM format generation, and that is processing noise/junk data from within unformatted tracks. The only thing left to do is to support tracks with variable density within the same track, and that will happen some time soon. (more)