Work-In-Progress Reports for February 2010

20 February 2010

KryoFlux - Physical/Logical Side - Implemented: Similar to how track handling works, disks now have a physical side and a logical side; this is required when processing flippy disks as their side 1 is actually intended to be side 0 when read, otherwise a warning is always reported when dumping side 1 of a flippy disk due to side mismatch for those formats that support side identification. Disk data however is still imaged by the physical side by design. (more)

19 February 2010

KryoFlux - Physical/Logical Side: We found that it is quite annoying that all the format analysers report back a wrong side warning for flippy disks. Although it is technically correct (reading side 1 and reporting back side 0 for formats that have side information embedded in headers), but practically it is not, as flipping the disk is simulated... (more)

18 February 2010

KryoFlux - Apple 400K/800K Sector Image Support: Sector dumps of Apple 400K/800K disks supported. For more information, see the news item.

14 February 2010

KryoFlux - Apple DOS 3.2 Sector Image Support: Apple DOS 3.2 supported.

13 February 2010

KryoFlux - Misc: Added the possibility to write any kind of data before and after the buffered track image data generated. Added a function that calculates the relative file position and size of each track image data within a file (excluding headers). This is especially useful for formats that contain headers referencing track data offsets/size within a file.

12 February 2010

KryoFlux - Extended Image Types: Added extended image types. They allow converting a "pure" sector dump to formats that are more commonly used by emulators. Most programs would simply expect the standard images DTC generates, some however require post-processing. Currently supported: * XFD for Atari 8-bit bit-negated images * DSK for Apple DOS 3. (more)

10 February 2010

KryoFlux - Apple DOS 3.3 / ProDOS Sector Image Support: Apple DOS3.3/ProDOS sector dumps supported. Note that disk images do not use the real physical sector order on the disk; the only difference between DOS3.3 and ProDOS (in terms of the direct physical format of the data) is the way the order of the sectors on a track get interleaved and paired. (more)

4 February 2010

KryoFlux - Generic FM Sector Image Support: Generic FM support is now implemented so now sector images for BBC, Atari 8-bit, PC-8801 and other can be produced (but remember of course that KryoFlux can produce raw images of basically anything). Other work: * Rewritten all geometries to take advantage of the track distance setting. * Re-tested all formats including edge cases. * Added support for track distance in CT "raw" images. (more)

3 February 2010

KryoFlux - Sector Count Override: It is possible to override the sector count for data driven images, currently generic MFM ones. * Zero means use the default size which is the largest sector count found on the entire image. (more)

2 February 2010

KryoFlux - Generic MFM Sector Images: Generic MFM sector images supported. 40 track images not supported yet, but otherwise it seems to be working. Got rid off some image types not needed. From now on the default geometry is always one that allows the detection of all data possibly present on the disk. (more)

1 February 2010

KryoFlux - Data Detection: Defined the complex geometry needed for generic MFM sector images that fully support automatic switching between: SS/DS; DD/HD and sector number detection. The image created will be the smallest that could hold all the sectors found on a disk without data loss. Default sector size (512) used in the generic sector image can now be overridden.