Work-In-Progress Reports for March 2010

31 March 2010

Analyser: Generic MFM Support - Gap Analyser Implementation: Rewrite to real code is almost complete but handling of the track gap (gap between the last and first sector) is not implemented yet. Got rid off all special cases for existing code. The track gap will now actually be handled with a more advanced solution due to various reasons, mostly found during testing.

25 March 2010

Analyser: Generic MFM Support - Gap Analyser Implementation: Now implemented the proposed solution although the rules have been enhanced a bit after some testing, since there were some specific cases where it was practically impossible to tell if gap data was intended or not, and the meaning was only revealed when looking at other data. This has been resolved through the rule enhancements. (more)

23 March 2010

Analyser: Generic MFM Support - Gap Analysation: Changed various parts of the gap analyser code, fixed some bugs and regressions. Gap areas containg valid data are now marked as "data" instead of "gap" so software comparing IPF images can ignore or check data written into gaps. Other software that may need to know exactly whether something is (relatively...) safe to change, can look for gap areas specifically. (more)

21 March 2010

Analyser: Generic MFM Support: Before the various recent distractions, we were working on generic hardware MFM support in our analyser, supporting media from a huge variety of platforms, such as the PC-8801, IBM-PC, Atari ST, and many many more. There are quite a few missing WIP's that have not been posted on this work, but in the interests of keeping things current, we'll post on our current progress. (more)

20 March 2010

KryoFlux - Firmware Update: The firmware has been updated to use the latest GCC, where some issues were fixed that were highlighted by the new compiler.