KryoFlux - Hardware Issues


One thing we’d like to mention regarding the USB reliability: The official forum for these boards list many issues, and only from people who try max out the bandwidth on their boards. We can certainly imagine that there is no (visible!) problem with the hardware/firmware with normal use. We cannot really blame the manufacturer, we are probably a bit crazy to continue to use such low-powered hardware - but the price of them is very compelling.

We haven’t seen any complaint about the boards with the hi-speed controller (rather than the slow USB “full speed”) - but that could be due to not many people using them in the first place, or simply better hardware/software.

Their next board from the same manufacturer that seems to be capable of “hi-speed” is the 9260, but that’s the same price as a Beagle. Admittedly this is with hi-speed USB and 64 MiB RAM and 180MHz - any of which would save us resorting to magic solutions...