Analyser: Specific Detection of Geometry Inconsistency


Another item from our to-do list is now complete, specifically:

“Script generator specific detection of geometry inconsistency; i.e. the tracks currently marked as “extra”, highlighting any suspect/modified track even if the write splice test passes. Right now it is a bit trigger happy as it has no idea what “normal” is, as that can and does change according to the varying track layout - this is not the case with Amiga formats.”

There are two additional flags supported by scripting as well as the editor now:

  • Enforcing the selection of the recording order by manually selecting the suggested first sector(s) to be written. If any of the selected sectors resolve during the real analysation process, the recording order on the virtual disk will be defined by the user selected value. This overrides the standard process used by the image mastering.
  • Forcing the irregularity check to ignore certain data areas. Since the script generator is completely aware of what content is exactly what, it can make sure that expected changes in the geometry would not trigger a false alarm.

The script generator automatically sets these properties when creating the disk format scripts required. It is also possible to manually enforce the data ignore flag when defining the block patterns in addition to the automatic detection.

Since any generated script can be manually copied and modified in the editor, being able to see and change these new properties is supported through the user interface as well - and of course they can be used by normal manual scripting too.