Analyser: Legacy Code Removal


All legacy code related to the solver and track script generation has now been removed, and now we are working on adding the missing parts of the new system, these items include things like:

  • Solver: Now much simpler than it used to be, since most of the work is already done through the format and pattern matching.
  • Script merger: Merge segments marked as related by the format matching, and try to detect and merge overlapping blocks automatically like the one seen on Titan.
  • Support ad-hoc geometry change through block patterns (useful for blocks with partial weak areas for example - read: the only currently unsupported weak sector format in Speedlock).
  • Support any kind of EDC and EDC area through the script generation.
  • Final script generation.
  • Gap encoding into the script.
  • Script generator specific detection of geometry inconsistency; i.e. the tracks currently marked as “extra”, making any suspect/modified track highlighted even if the write splice test passes. Right now it’s a bit trigger happy as it has no idea what “normal” is, as that can and does change according to the varying track layout - which is simply not the case with Amiga formats.
  • Script generator specific detection of where track writing should start.
  • Made error messages less cryptic and human readable.