Work-In-Progress Reports for August 2004

23 August 2004

XR35 Fighter Mission, TV Sports Football: XR35 Fighter Mission The IPF no longer resolves properly from the old IPX for some reason, so the preserved game id 34 has been replaced with a new IPF. Checking in CTT we can see that the old and new disk images are 100% identical in content and hence are exactly the same from an emulators perspective. It is just the descriptor and release information in the file that has slightly changed. (more)

9 August 2004

Yet More CTT: List/Verify Release Info List/verify IPF/IPX release information. If processing an IPX file, all the data can be retrieved, if IPF missing the data is calculated. -l -lc Create a list using all the files found that match the search patterns. Filenames are listed as well for convenience - no need to look them up in release lists. -lv more)

8 August 2004

More CTT: It is possible to suppress output about non-matching files when a specific format is searched for. In this mode output is only given for files where the format is found. Very useful, no need to search long output files for matches. Syntax: ''-f#'' Notice the "sharp" sign, preceding the format code. If not present default mode is used to give output for all the files, regardless whether they have the format or not. (more)

7 August 2004

CTT: Disk Formats and Copy Protection Support New * Protec variant on BAT, named Prolance by the game. CTT A new command has been added ''-f'' which means find/list formats as defined in the analyser and for which it needs access to the ''formdesc.dat'' file, which contains all the format descriptors. This was done for several reasons. (more)

2 August 2004

R-Type 2: There is a bad block on the Amiga version, which was hindering its preservation. But recently, we compared the bad block between different dumps and it seems that the master disk was bad - a bitshifting occurred at the end. We were not happy to preserve this one like this since if the block is ever accessed, the loader would stop. However, the track (on 79. (more)

1 August 2004

More formats, Final Mission, Spinworld: Disk Format / Copy Protection Support New * Championship Manager 2 * Final Mission flakey bit protection, see below * Fuzzball protection tracks * Nuclear War flakey bit protection. If that protection fails - ie playing from a copy - a manual protection is asked, otherwise the player is not bothered with that part. (more)