Work-In-Progress Reports for December 2004

29 December 2004

New Analyser Format, Team 17 Cardiaxx Fix: Added an alternate Amiga Elite Systems format found on Grand National. Created a fix for the Amiga Team 17 Cardiaxx version for the only block that couldn't be recovered from the Electronic Zoo release.

26 December 2004

FDC Emulator: Read Address (Cx) Command, Status Register: Read Address (Cx) Command The FDC read address (Cx) command has now been implemented, so the following Atari ST games on the Pompey Pirates disks now work under our modified WinSTon: * Batman * Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters Status Register It seems that lost data and DRQ bits of the FDC status register are not readable. (more)

21 December 2004

Amiga: New Analyser Formats, Carthage, Carcharodon: Formats Added * Alternate Lankhor formats used on Outzone and Rody et Mastico series * Starush ADOS variant * Ziriax Carthage This game had been requested for a very long time. All the disks previously submitted have duplication errors. The game being rare did not help the situation either. (more)

6 December 2004

WinSTon: Removed DMAC Hack: We found that Turbo Outrun could be fixed by not clearing the sector counter when resetting the DMAC chip, though this looked pretty strange. We really need a better datasheet. So we tested this on the real hardware and it simply does not work that way, and so this DMAC "fix" was removed from our modified WinSTon (the Atari ST Emulator that we linked up with our FDC Emulator), . (more)