Work-In-Progress Reports for September 2001

26 September 2001

Disk Imaging Tool Work, CT v3.1: Various bits of work going on... * Created dump image loader for the PC analyser. * Implemented all integrity checks. * Found a rare and weird bug where compressed track is 1 byte longer than the original and so fixed the compression to take care of that. * Fixed minor bug where data area IDs counted from 0 instead of 1 (an integrity issue). * No other bugs found. (more)

23 September 2001

Disk Imaging Tool Work, CT v3.0: Added multi track (read, whole disk) dumping, also added integrity functions and defined a proper data format to hold all this information.

22 September 2001

Track Compression (PC) Finished: Finished the first version of track compression on the PC. Any bugs will be weeded out in due course, but generally it seems to work. Even better, it compresses multiple reads of tracks into a few bytes (usually less than 100). Each track is read 3 times [later this was increased to 5 - Ed. (more)

21 September 2001

Track Decompression (PC) Finished: The decompression routines are now finished. Testing will be needed when the compression is finished, but it should be okay.

20 September 2001

Track Compression Now in Sync with Decompression (PC): The PC version of the track decompression in sync with the compression. Now just a few opcodes to implement, and both can be ported to Amiga.

19 September 2001

Track Compression (PC) Halfway Done: Track compression (PC version, the Amiga version will be a port) is halfway written.