Work-In-Progress Reports for October 2001

30 October 2001

Trend Calculation for Analyzer: Implemented the trend calculation for the analyser. This is quite useful to automate track type recognition. As a consequence, the density graphs changed. The original data is shown in the background with a lighter color, while the trend data is shown in blue. {{ :track:normal.png |Trend 1: Normal Track}}\\ {{ :track:copylock. (more)

25 October 2001

Disk Imaging Tool Work, CT v3.4: This new version of the disk imaging tool contains various enhancements based on very good results from the oversampling support. For convenience, CT now assumes high oversampling is needed - since we are dealing with 10+ year old disks this is a good idea. However, you can still manually turn that off, the previous implementation was quite the opposite. Lots of enhancements in various algorithmic areas. (more)

24 October 2001

Disk Imaging Tool Work, CT v3.3: Added support to CT for automatic and manual oversampling selection. For certain disk data, the automatic selection overrides the manual setting by design.