Work-In-Progress Reports for December 2009

23 December 2009

KryoFlux - Refactoring Host to Object-Orientated Code: Adding exporters and various methods of processing files introduced problems. To solve this, the host software has now been completely refactored into proper object-oriented code, as readability and maintainability was starting to suffer. Exporters and the dumping control is not working at the moment, the rest works as expected - verified all results with the output of the last known good version.

13 December 2009

KryoFlux - Base Size: Based on the previously collected analysis, the host code is now capable of finding the correct base bit cell size used for mastering a track. It can also select the most likely bit cell size and encoding from a list of possible encoding and reference clock values, and give a score describing how closely the recording found matches the expected recording system. (more)

9 December 2009

KryoFlux - Misc: Refactored some of the host code; various fixes and changes. New drive calibration logic for the firmware that can deal with stepping below track 0 properly. (more)