~Wanted! EDOS CD-ROMS and other material


Wanted! EDOS CD-ROMS and other material. EDOS (Electronic Distribution of Software) was a system which made possible to duplicate computer software in store, namely classic games from 80’s and 90’s. If you have got access to these old CD-ROMS or you do own an old EDOS system, please contact us. We are willing to purchase if you have got them. Also any additional information is more than welcome. Additionally we do need some EDOS tapes and disks (Amstrad, PC, Spectrum, MSX).

More information of EDOS games from the old EDOS Magazine catalogue 1991 - 1992 http://cpcrulez.fr/download.php?a=UoKun5bWisDb25K_hcHoms3Ojg==