Commodore 64 (C64) Preservation - we need your disks!


10 years ago, SPS (known as CAPS) started work on preserving Commodore Amiga disk images. Since then we’ve moved on to cover other less exotic disk platforms such as Atari ST, ZX Spectrum and more.

Just as challenging as the Amiga, and just as close to our heart, and long overdue is the classic, Commodore 64. Now, that KryoFlux is rolling along nicely, write support is pretty much there, and we’ve been able to get some drives modified to allow “One-Pass Flippy” necessary for C64 disk preservation, we’ve started adding C64 support to the Analyser.

However, to get this thing moving we need a LOT more C64 disk dumps, and since modified drives are not yet in the wild, we have to concentrate our efforts.

If you own a large collection of C64 disk based titles and are prepared to submit KryoFlux dumps, or are happy to loan disks for imaging, or you have a C64 disk game to physically donate, then please get in touch via our ticket system.