Spectaculator 7.5 Released, now supporting IPF!


After extensive testing and polishing, the worlds leading ZX Spectrum emulator for Windows, “Spectaculator” by Jonathan Needle, has been updated to version 7.5, fully supporting the IPF format, as well as many other great new features.

Fast, Accurate and easy to use, Spectaculator is a great way to enjoy your Spectrum +3 disk images preserved in IPF format, as well as the vast library of cassette based software which this emulator also supports. Once you’ve installed Spectaculator from the web link below, simply download the IPF library from our Download Page page and unzip it to the same folder. Double sided images are also fully supported.

web link: http://www.spectaculator.com

for a list of ZX Spectrum +3 games currently preserved in IPF format, please see the Preserved Software page.

Please note that this emulator is not created by SPS, so please don’t send support or feature requests to us.