E-MU Systems Emulator II disk dumping available

In a joint effort, the teams of The Software Preservation Society, HxC2001 and EMXP bring data stored on E-MU Systems’ Emulator II back to modern computers. As of today, it is now possible to ingest disks with the high resolution flux sampler KryoFlux by Softpres and then emulate it to a real machine using the USB or SD-Card versions of the universal floppy emulator HxC. It is also possible to read, create and convert the actual sound bank content in these disk images using the comfortable EMXP software.

The new versions of the KryoFlux DiskTool Console (DTC) and the software for HxC emulators contain native E-MU Emulator II image support and are available now.

Want to see how it works? Check the videos!

Disk dumping with KryoFlux

Disk emulation with HxC: Video 1 | Video 2

Read more about the Emulator II, its history and information on its disk format here.