KryoFlux Beta 4 released - handling of logical and physical side


Besides minor enhancements, there is a track number output when dumping to a format that has track information stored (e.g. C64, where the drive uses track IDs from tracks to orientate itself). As you might know, side 1 of a C64 flippy disk has an offset of -8 tracks. Aligning a drive or modding it means you have to move the head to the correct position. Together with the option to lock the head to a specific track when dumping the new feature will make alignment much more easier. You can now move the head and will instantly see the track number stored in the sector headers. If it deviates from what is expected, the difference is shown.

This update also introduces independent handling of logical side and physical side.

Two more things: We’re now constantly pushing progress reports to Facebook and Twitter. And you might be delighted to hear that board refinement (e.g. bus drivers) is over and prototype boards are being made. If everything goes well, this means we can start “mass” production.

You can get the complete package here, or if you already have beta 1, beta 2 or beta 3 installed, you can simply get the updated host software here.

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