KryoFlux Beta 3 Released - Reversing Bit-Stream for Flippy Disks


We are pleased to announce that KryoFlux Beta 3 has now been released. There is no standing around on this project... Well, actually this is what it is often like, but we tend not to talk about things until we are certain that everything will work out.

In beta 3, we have added a new option in our support for flippy disks, where you can reverse the bit stream on the flip-side. Note that the position of the index in the bit stream will be correct only for disks duplicated as a “single pass flippy” since those disks used the same index hole for both sides, using modified drives. Disks that were duplicated with earlier drives were actually flipped over, and hence the index is likely to be at a different position.

Due to this work, we can finally conclude once and for all that the head offset of the flip side is -8 tracks on a normal 80-track drive.

You can get the complete package here, or if you already have beta 1 or beta 2 installed, you can simply get the updated host software here.