Previously we have referred to our new hardware-based disk imaging system as “The C2 DiskSystem”. However, there were a number of problems with this name; it’s not very memorable, it’s not only applicable to floppy disks, and it is not very searchable. After thinking about various possibilities, we have chosen KryoFlux - “Cryogenic-like processing for your flux transitions”1).

Older posts referencing The C2 DiskSystem will be ammended to avoid confusion.

A number of Work In Progress reports have now been posted on KryoFlux. These start from the beginning, presenting the progress as it happened. We decided not to post any WIP reports before now, because we wanted to make absolutely sure we had something worth talking about first.

Various details do not correspond with the current state of KryoFlux, but serve as a useful historical record.

There is a lot more to come...

  • Technical challenges we faced, and how we resolved them.
  • The design decisions we needed to make along the way.
  • Detailed information about new features as they are implemented.
1) Data on magnetic media is indicated by the presense, or absence of “flux transitions” or “flux reversals”, which are changes of magnetic polarity along a track