134 More Amiga Games Preserved!

We have now preserved another 134 Amiga games bringing the total up to 2900 thus far. Thanks to all the contributors that helped make this happen! You can see these new additions on the games page. Please note that this batch does not include the upcoming preservation batch containing the Generic MFM formats.

It has been a long wait since the last batch, and the reason for that is because it is now becoming very difficult to create release batches as the supply of unpreserved games being imaged is drying up, most contributions now are duplicates of games already preserved. We’d very much like to focus now on purchasing games known to exist that are not yet on the games list, or are on the wanted page. If you happen to own any of these games, please consider imaging them, or perhaps even selling them to us for preservation.

Alternatively, consider making a donation to allow us to buy unpreserved titles, also we are always interested to hear of any links to places where missing games can be obtained.