As many of you will have probably experienced, our ability to respond to emails in a timely fashion has deteriorated over the last year. In order to try and get things back on-track, we have implemented a web-based ticketing system.

This system will help us be more responsive to incoming queries since:

  • It is far more assessable for us than email.
  • It allows us to respond to queries as a team.
  • It completely negating the growing spam problem - the amount of spam we get has increased dramatically in recent years, currently we are getting around 100 to 200 (or more) junk emails a day.

The contact page now contains a web form to replace the email addresses that used to be there. Please use it rather than any email addresses you may have for us, since you are far more likely to get a timely response. If you have outstanding mails which we have not answered yet, please resubmit them via the web form, and we will get to them as soon as possible.