Found: Bubble Bobble, Haley Project


In the last couple of weeks, two Commodore Amiga games we have been trying to locate for years have at last been found.

The first one is a European retail version of Bubble Bobble. It is interesting that it has taken so long find a copy because we did not initially think it to be particularly rare.

The second one is an unaltered copy of The Haley Project, a game that puts save positions on the original disk. In these sorts of cases it is not really surprising that it is difficult to find good copies since the owner would have to have:

  1. Bought the game, but not actually played it.
  2. Played from a backup copy. This is not always possible due to copy protection.

Both quite unusual things to do.

So thanks to those respective contributors for helping us to preserve these titles!

Finding games like this after such a long time continually surprises us. We are realists, and sometimes we simply do not expect to find a good copy of some games. It was exactly the same with The Great Giana Sisters, which was especially remarkable since it was only available at retail for a couple of weeks, and that it was easy to get a high-score in the game that was then saved to the disk.

So, the next game that we do not expect to ever get is an unaltered copy of is D├ębut: Planet Simulation, any takers?