Currently tracking rare game collection


Unfortunately, we recently lost the chance to buy some games that are extremely rare to find unmodified and only by a few days! It seems that the chances of finding games that we can buy new (as in, never used) is getting less and less every day. They are not cheap, though are certainly cheaper than buying lots of copies of the same game from eBay in the hope that we will one day find an unmodified and working copy.

With the help of the community, this situation shouldn’t happen again.

Please note though that we intend to keep a pool of money reserved for buying really good things that come along. People have sold huge collections in the past and it will happen again, but it will not be cheap. This may be the only way to get hold of some of the rare items that are missing.

At the moment, we have the opportunity to buy around 50 games that have never been dumped, or copies that have only turned up in a bad/modified state. The price is pretty steep for these though, being around €450 (£300).

So if you would like to donate to the cause, now is a good time to make a difference!