Now accepting financial donations


The time has come for a change in our policy. We meant for this project to be completely internally funded. However, we recognise that the project could benefit greatly from the additional funds from people who have expressed a wish to donate but we have declined to accept for various reasons.

Therefore we have now provided a mechanism for monetary donations by setting up our Public Accounting System that details both donations, and exactly what we use that money for. This system will directly show how every penny donated goes into fulfilling the aims of the project.

Do not feel obligated to donate money to the project, it is simply there for people to show their appreciation for what we do, and to take a hand in helping us do it. Together as a community, we will be far more able to preserve our digital heritage because not doing so, has effects that we dare not contemplate.

To read a more about this, and to donate money should you wish to, please visit the accounts page.

At this point, we would like to express a heart felt thank you to the people over at Emu Nova who graciously donated €60 to the cause, and to Adrian Simpson who donated €80. Thanks!