400 More Games Preserved, IPF Library Optimisation


Another batch of 400 games preserved. This takes the total number to just short of 1200. Included are some extremely rare titles here like Hacker, some of the very first EA games, and lots of others. Thanks to all that contributed. You can view them on the games page.

Please Note! We have now come to a point where there are very little disk images left to release. If you have some games we have not preserved yet, please consider dumping them so that we, as a community, can always count on having authentic preserved versions that are identical to the originals.

Lastly, there is a new version of the user library. Along with a couple of minor things, there was a rather intensive calculation done when the library was initialised (i.e. when first loaded). Although not at all noticeable on semi-current hardware, it was noticeable on non-upgraded Amiga’s. So now, with some redesigned code, this start time has gone away.