Why won't you distribute the games?

As you may be aware from previous postings on this site, we will not give any images to people unless we know they are legally entitled to them. So, unless you are a copyright owner, a contributor of the game, or you run a website that can prove it has the permission to host it, please do not ask us for images of games! Your email will likely be ignored.

We are not legally allowed to distribute the images and therefore we will not risk the project over that. Aside from the moral standpoint, which makes the decision for us already (especially since we mostly come from the games industry), we just do not have the money/bandwidth to host them even if we had permission to distribute.

If you own the game, then fine, your disk is likely to go bad one day. If you image it with our tools, we know you own the game (because we know when a game has been mastered with a commercial duplicator, and when it has not) and we will send you back a properly preserved copy. You are “future proofed” against any mishaps with your disks.

This may all sounds harsh, but hopefully you can find an IPF version of the games you own on one of the legal games sites. Otherwise you are out of luck until we can persuade the copyright owner to allow it to be distributed. But that takes a huge amount of time, as projects dedicated to that will tell you.

Note that if you do see files from SPS for download somewhere it is none of our concern. We cannot be held responsible for what people do with their disk images, just like we are not responsible for somebody who ADF‘s a disk and puts that on the net. If you own the game, then great! Download the authentic version of it! Otherwise, you are breaking international copyright law.