Why does your disk imaging tool need 68020+ CPU's?

You need at least a 68020 CPU to properly dump disks using our software. We would not do this unless it was completely necessary, we certainly wouldn’t limit our dumping capacity if we had a choice about it.

The reason it has to be this way is that a standard Amiga 68000 does not have enough power to get all the information from a disk reliably. It is an extremly complicated task. A normal Amiga-speed 68000 just does not have the processing grunt. There is no way to do this reliably on a 68000 unless the CPU is seriously overclocked, the bus/CPU combination is simply far too slow.

If it was possible, it would already be working. A lot of effort went into making a reliable tool that works in the long run and uses as little resources as is possible given the task.

A big thumbs down to C= for making a machine not suitable for real time signal processing in 1985. ;-)