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The Software Preservation Society (SPS), formerly the Classic Amiga Preservation Society (CAPS), dedicates itself to the preservation of software for the future, namely classic games. As it is, these items are no longer available from their original suppliers, and are mainly in the possession of an ever diminishing community of well willed collectors. However, just by the passage of time these games are affected by the gradual deterioration of the media that stores them. These classics risk being lost forever in the near future, a tragedy that must be prevented.

Our main objective is to guarantee the preservation of such an important part of computer gaming history. Preservation dictates that nothing less than authentic representations of the software exist, which are both free of bit rot, and unaltered since the time of production. After a significant amount of research and development, we now have the technology that enables us to do this.

Due to the sheer number of commercial games released, we heavily rely on contributions and help from the related communities. You can read more about us, and there are some answers to most common questions about what we do located in the Frequently Asked Questions section alongside further detail in our knowledge base. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This content of this site is quite technical in nature.

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