Analyser: Script Generation - Part II


Script generator specific detection of where track writing should start

The second part of this task is now done too, as needed for final script generation.

A few different approaches were tried, but none of them worked reliably enough so it ended up being a complex, adaptive algorithm that recognises sudden changes in the track geometry. It seems to work very well, even with data that has various small changes in the geometry due to the way it was mastered. The only time it seems to fail is when the geometry auto-detection comes up with the wrong layout in the first place, but data like that needs to have patterns defined to make it work anyway and once the geometry is correct the detection works as well.

  • Added patterns for the partial weak sectors on some games.
  • Adhoc geometry definitions can sample data from the original block content; i.e. some parts can be completely generated while others can contain the original data values.

The +3 versions of Buggy Boy and Beyond The Ice Palace use a slightly different track geometry; it is however unclear whether we have just bad dumps or the second weak data on the track is intentional. Dumps from other disks could confirm this, but until then they will have to wait for support.