Analyser: New Amiga Formats Added / FDC Emulator changes


New Amiga Formats Added

  • Alternate DMA DOS format found on Lemmings Demo
  • Protection variant found on Charon 5; used by Ubisoft, Kingsoft and Starbyte games as well.
  • Kingsoft protection used on Space Battle, and a variant using weak bits on Challenger. Bizarrely, some versions of these games are mastered with different versions of the protections and fail the checks. The games do not stop working, but behaviour is altered. So much for quality control...

FDC Emulator Changes

  • Removed DRQ and LD hacks from the FDC emulator as the real FDC does not to do that at all, however this caused Turbo Outrun on the ST to no longer work, But by Adding DRQ servicing regardless of DMA state to the ST emulator, which is the correct method, then Turbo Outrun works again... hurray!