CTA Work Started

16 July 2001

Not much happened during the weekend, mostly due to the weather being incredibly hot. Work started on the final CTA (CT Analyser). Made a prototype. The density graph will get some development time so we can actually see a few tracks. If they “look” good, we can make the timing table compressor (see older WIP). This will mostly bring down the timing table from 50 Kb to around 1 Kb.

BTW: where the 87 Kb average track size comes from:

~12500 * 4 = 50000
~12500 * 3 = 37500
           = 87500

12500 is the theoretical optimum track size, the *4 is for one timing table entry, which are 4 bytes each. The *3 is a track read 3 times to avoid most of the redumping [This was later changed to 5 times - Ed.]. The compressed track including timing table is expected to be 25000 bytes at most.