14 July 2001

Setting up development environments, etc.:

  • Set up an recently bought A1200 system.
  • Migrated old sources and tools from A500.
  • CT version 2.0 testing - does indeed work perfectly on new hardware.
  • Checked “RN”, the Copylock copying tool. The FDC reads the data as it was completely valid. Seems Commodore improved it quite a lot.

Then spent some time finding bit patterns that fools the new A1200 FDC as well like the A500. Found some, but they produce junk data on an A500, so an autodetecting write mode was implemented instead. Hopefully not many more different FDC chips used in the Amiga. But this will only be a concern when we release this tool.

Back to work on the PC analyser. We will see if the Copylock dumps give the expected graph and if they do, continue work on the timetable compressor, then the track compressor. When they are done we can implement full dumping in CT. No big issues there, just a loop needed (since for development, only one track is dumped) and adding the data compression which based on the PC source code.